Numerous slot machines and over $13,000 in cash were seized by Michigan law enforcement.

The police in Michigan have just seized 56 illegal gambling machines and $12,000 in cash. These slot machines were reportedly taken from convenience stores in Taylor, Redford Township, and Allen Park, as stated in a press release issued by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB). These dishonest gaming activities also include a Flint, Michigan, corporation.

Four raids yield a massive loot

The results of field operations conducted by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) in the battle against problem gambling have been made public. The crackdown was widespread, affecting many fueling stations. In just four raids, they managed to secure a massive loot.


Over $12,700 was reportedly made from 56 illegal slot machines. A firm in the Flint region was also targeted in one of the raids, along with petrol stations in Allen Park and Redford Township.


Each gas station had one slot machine removed, while the Mundy Township convenience store had 53 machines taken away. The confiscated machines included a slot machine and two coin pushers.


Henry William has stated that the MGCB is collaborating with authorities to uncover illegal gaming operations. He voiced alarm over the proliferation of illegal slot machines in businesses.

Together, the MGCB and the Michigan Attorney General are cracking down on unlawful casinos. The director of the MGCB was quick to commend the public while also asking them to increase their level of vigilance. Because of the potential for violence caused by these unlawful operators, he asked victims to report them to the MGCB.


Pushers of fake coins are set up for failure.

The placement of seized coin pushers is a breeze. However, dishonest people like the challenge of setting up these computers to cheat gamers. con artists that try to dupe gamblers with false hopes of big payouts on their coins.

As long as you have access to an Arduino board, these devices are simple to construct and program. The player feeds a coin into the machine and waits for tickets, coins, or whatever else may be in the prize pool to fall out.


The MGCB found $3,295 in the coin pushers and $290 in the slot machine when they raided the Mundy Township business.

Gamblers in Mundy Township probably had the chance to play casino games in return for refreshments and valuables. A customer’s experience is greatly enhanced when they participate in a promotional game.


The mission of the MGCB is to prevent problem gambling and spread responsible gaming practices. As the number of underground casinos in Michigan rises, the MCGB has joined forces with law enforcement to put an end to the practice once and for all.






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